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I can't wait to start seeing more cartoons from you! I have always loved your work and I've always thought of you and funymony as a big influence to my art work. :D

Sad for Edd.

I know I'm always interested to see what you've made because you show that sort of limitless potential in your work, like if you make something big it would be totally amazing.

I feel the same about Edd, I wasn't that familiar with his stuff, but I respected him, the effort he put on his work and what he accomplished.

And I said it before, I really like your animations, I'm excited to see your new projects, good luck!

Dang. I have the same feeling of not being productive as well. But good grades and them video games kinda keep me away from Flash animating. At least it looks like you have a good hand at animation, though.

And yes, I miss Edd as well. He was one of my influences.

Out of most of the people I'v seen come and go since 05, you're probably one of the only people I know who's made such a quantum leap in skill in in such a short period of time haha. I hope to see more from you soon :O!

I got to make a legit animation too at some point. It's an inside joke in my family that I never finish anything big, or that I always say I will animate something but never do, I got to actually show and prove dammit! 7 years of procrastination is wayyy too long hahaha.

saddest news ever

It'll come when it comes (mega-popularity on NG), but you can speed that up by sitting down and writing a script. But it has to be a script that you love. And I mean, you have to LOVE IT. You have to MAKE LOVE to it.
You have the potential of 3,000 suns, dude. You just have to finish stuff.

I'm not really concerned about the popularity. I'm more concerned that I haven't done jack shit in years and need to finally make something. If I wanted just popularity, I would have just jumped on the "make a quick flash about a recent trend/game" bandwagon.

Haha, try not to join that. I don't know about you, but it's sort of like selling out. But yeah, sitting down and writing a script still definitely applies to putting animations out. I know what you mean, you're not really looking for popularity, you just want to animate. I'm pretty sure you can make something great. You just gotta write and love your script.