Quick update and Youtube!

2011-09-16 21:21:12 by Fungasm

Hey guys! Just a quick post to let you know I'll be making, and have been working on some new animations! However, animating can be a bit time-consuming, as most of you may know. So, because of that, I've decided to use my youtube account http://www.youtube.com/user/FungasmTub e to host all of my animations and as well as video games/let's plays/play-throughs/etc. Playing some games and posting them on youtube is a pretty good thing for me.
1. It allows me to pump out more content for you guys to enjoy.
2. It gives me some time to animate. So while you watch, I animate.
3. Playing games is pretty fun anyway.

Lately, I've been playing through Dead Island. On my channel right now there's a bit of Minecraft, Super Meat Boy, etc. and more to come. I've been pretty busy as of late. I'm starting a new job as an animation intern soon, so hopefully that works out well for me. But yeah, if you do go to my channel, I do hope you'll give me some support and love! Be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and all that good stuff! I'll leave you with this latest part of my Dead Island play-through that I just put up. Off to animate some more~

EDIT: PS: Be sure to also give fellow animator Funy-Mony some love and check out his website http://www.mediamuffin.com/
He's been posting up a bunch of comics lately! All of which are awesome and funny. The site hosts his animations as well, so go check it out!


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2011-09-16 22:41:47

is this gamne good y/n

Fungasm responds:

y this gamne is good


2011-09-16 23:04:29

I can't B: My favorite flash of 2011. I have seen it maybe 15 times now.


2011-09-16 23:33:04

Gotta love dem thugs.

I honestly think this game is ugly and unfinished, but it's real fun when playing with a group of friends.


2011-09-17 10:13:12

Good seein ya and grabbin drinks. Don't be such a stranger. We'll drag Nogfish back out too ... you guys can teach me how to be talented.

Fungasm responds:

haha sure thing man


2011-09-17 18:20:25

Where are you interning?

Fungasm responds:

Hornet Inc.