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Gaming on Youtube?

Posted by Fungasm - November 19th, 2011

So, on my youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/fungasmtub e , along with my animations that are on there, I also post game-play/let's play videos. I do this for my own enjoyment, and enjoy recording it. And if others like it as well, then awesome.

However, I'm thinking of getting rid of all the game-plays on my channel. I do like making them when I'm not animating. It lets me post content when I don't have any animation to post up. Should I make a different channel for the games, and just have animations on my main channel? For those of you that actually DO watch my game-play videos, if at all, what would you guys prefer? Maybe I should stop recording games all together? Whether I play games or not, the amount of game-playing that I've done lately doesn't effect how much I animate. I've been animating a lot more recently actually~

But yeah. tell me what you guys think.

ALSO, Youtube is a butt and disabled monetization on 3 of my videos. 3 of them being ANIMATED things with either music used under creative commons or are public domain. so.. wth youtube?

That's it really.. other than that, I'm working on 2 or 3 things, so you'll be seeing more stuff from me eventually~

Comments (5)

Making a different channel isn't really necessary. At least your channel offers a little variety.

"Making a different channel isn't really necessary."

Yes is it

I don't mind the video game stuff, I even watch them sometimes, but being honest I subscribed for the animation stuff, and maybe some people feel like me. If you enjoy doing it, keep it up, but creating a second channel doesn't seem like a bad idea.

The gaming videos don't bother me really. Though the other day my girlfriend saw them in my feed and ask why I was subscribed to someone who did gaming videos. I told her you were an animator and had to swim through all your gaming to prove it. Which isn't a criticism, I just thought it was funny.
Mind you it does bring up the fact that if someone who'd never heard of you were to stumble across your channel, they probably wouldn't know you were an animator. So maybe having the games on a different channel would make it easier for people to discover your work.
Plus if you ever tried to go for an animation-related job, you'd definitely want the super fancy businessmen who Googled you from the tops of their skyscrapers on their i-Pad 12's to find your animations instead of Let's-Play-TF2.
So I suppose my vote goes for separate channel.

come on make some more stuff man!