John K cartoon Kickstarter

2012-08-06 13:54:12 by Fungasm

Hey folks! I wanted to post here in case any of you aren't aware that Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi is currently trying to raise some money to fund production of a cartoon. ohn-ks-cans-without-labels

I would really recommend helping out and funding this. I want to see this cartoon made!


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2012-08-06 15:26:23

I'm funding it for sure. This will actually be the first kickstarter I fund. Thanks for posting this, or else I wouldn't have found out about it.


2012-08-06 15:39:56

i saw that the other day, his kickstarter intro video was pretty fun to watch


2012-08-06 15:53:02

Sure would like to see how this turns out... sadly I don't even have money for cans without labels so sadly I can't back it.


2012-08-06 19:59:04

i think it has potential


2012-08-06 20:03:22

haha i used to shop at loblaws!!


2012-08-06 20:04:16

s loshes my ballz (with a z)


2012-08-06 20:58:43

Good looking out for a fellow animator! Kickstarter could've changed the world, had it been created in the late 20th century, as opposed to now, when no one with good intentions has the money and the people who do, are building bunkers in fear of God and the rest of us.
I'm poor.


2012-08-06 21:09:47

I gave him a whole $10. This thing better get funded, I need more George Liquor.


2012-08-06 22:14:33

he deserves it fucking brilliant man though i am broke. :(


2012-08-07 02:05:08

Lol looks sweet


2012-08-07 09:36:33

ive decided to stop kickstarting things until people actually finish what they say theyd do once they got kickstarted. so far im 1 for 12 or something