Win a free unusual TF2 hat!

2013-02-14 04:31:19 by Fungasm

Promoting a friend's server.~

Play on the server for a chance to win hats! and stuff. woo!

Enter to have a chance to win a:

Unusual Blizzardy Storm Brain Slug

How to Enter?
Join this deathrun server:

When does it start?
February 15th

How long does it last?
1 month (until March 15th)

How do I win? How does it work?
The top 10 players in the server get entered into the giveaway. Each get assigned a random value and the winner is decided at random!

How do I get points?
Survive each round.

How do I check my rank? Or the top 10?
Type 'rank' or 'top10'.

Will there be other prizes or giveaways?
Yes, there will. I plan to give out more unusuals in the future. The more popular this becomes, the more I give away!

If you have any other questions, check out the Steam group!


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2013-02-14 13:02:41

A death run? You mean a custom map? Or a mann vs. machine?

Fungasm responds:

It's a gamemode where 1 or 2 people are chosen to set off traps. The other team, everyone else, has to get past the traps before they're activated. Basically, a "try to make it to the end without dying" sort of thing.


2013-02-14 20:11:44

Well who can say no to a free hat.


2013-05-06 04:52:07

free hat mccullins