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I'm stupid. Hello.

Posted by Fungasm - August 14th, 2013

Straight to the point: I've been a lazy jerk for a few years. Got a game-plan to be more active.

I've been very inactive lately; Only keeping a foot-in-the-door of the Newgrounds community. The only difference between the past few years, and just recently though, is that the inactivity is due to me working on more animations, and not just procrastination. I plan to release a bunch of animations by next year, and have a steady flow of work being pumped out.

In the meantime, I still plan to animate small things to stay in the groove of doing what I love~ Imagining cool things and bringing them to life.

I'm also setting up a weekly art challenge thing on Tumblr so that I can give myself an excuse to draw every week. Go check that out: http://fungasmweeklies.tumblr.com/

I'm just kind of tired of giving myself excuses, or distracting myself easily. I need to learn to work harder for what I want to achieve. I can't just sit around doing nothing. I'm sick of it.

That's all.

I'm stupid. Hello.


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You've got amazing talent so I'm amped to see how the new few months go! Following your new Tumblr.

Glad to see you are still working. Your tumblr page is pretty nice as well. ;) Cannot wait to see what you do next.

you should start doing streams again! fun times.

One thing at a time~ Eventually. <3

im using up work time to do his weeklie this week Tom. thnx


I think I've said this to you before, either in a comment somewhere or in person, but I find really strong about your work is that while your work has that very 20's rubber hose construction underneath it, with everything being circles and beans and tubes, the sensibilities that you apply to that- the proportions of these shapes and the underlying skews and things are very distinctly you. With these round, blobby forms, there's this slightly sharp, aggressive 'chuck jones'-esque energy pushing through the shapes. I can spot a Dushey doodle a mile away, regardless of whatever styles and treatments you put over top of this approach and these sensibilities. What you have is real real strong, dude. It's super likeable and then nobody but you does it, and I think that's the best position to be in. I really hope you go somewhere with that shit because people will fuckin love it. I know I do. Very probably see you again in the future, boyo.

Hell yeah man! Appreciate it.

do it bitch

Still need a programer?

inject some redbull into your eyes pls

I wish I would have seen this weeklies stuff earlier.

You can always go back and do em all <3