New Year, New Plans

2013-12-31 20:09:21 by Fungasm

I've been hibernating for like the past year and a half. 2014 is the year of Fungasm Cartoons! OH MAN! HOLY SHIT! WOAH! I already have a backlog of things to post, so you'll get a cartoon at least once a month. Also more art. AND WEEKLY COMICS! I've taken the Sunday slot over at A new page every sunday~ Featuring the character from my Demon's Gem animation, Jumpin' Jack Jerboa. See you next year Newgrounds! I expect awesomeness! Much love <3


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2014-01-01 15:31:06

wooo! cant wait to see what you do.


2014-03-31 01:14:28

Coming to the Pico party?

Fungasm responds:



2014-04-03 20:28:14

Groovy. I'll be one of the few old men there.... it's tough partying with people I cold have procreated :|