Hey Newgrounds

2015-12-18 16:36:21 by Fungasm

I love you <3

How's it goin'?~


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2015-12-18 17:10:34

Hey Fungasm, love your artwork man, thanks for sharing!

Fungasm responds:

Always appreciate your kind words dude, you're too good <3 Hope you've been doin alright~


2015-12-18 17:31:59

Good. Just waiting for more Fungasm content to brighten up my life.

Fungasm responds:

Haven't had much time for original content lately, maybe next year or so~ but you can always check out the Lore videos I've done the past year or so here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU9kiggRgegcu4YKXdPWOVhgSIVFVuMRD


2015-12-18 18:17:03

It's going well, just counting down the days until we hang out again ~<3

Fungasm responds:

oh you~


2015-12-18 20:27:02

Hello fungasm, I love you too.

Fungasm responds:

ayeee <3


2015-12-18 22:27:44


Fungasm responds:

good shit~


2015-12-19 08:44:53

Hey dude, I've always liked your stuff and found your style to be inspiring.. keep it up!

Fungasm responds:

will do! thanks <3


2015-12-19 09:10:31

Hey sexy boy.

Fungasm responds:

what's cookin' good lookin' ;)


2015-12-19 12:30:56

Hi David. I'm a fan of your work.

Fungasm responds:

Flattery only gets ya so far Luis <3


2015-12-19 17:24:22


Fungasm responds:

hay's for horses yo.


2015-12-19 18:38:14

Thanks, though I never heard of you before...

Not bad, it could be (a lot) better, but we cannot exactly complain... how do you do?

Fungasm responds:

Gotta make stuff to be known~ Been in a long process of workin on that.

Been alright over all~


2015-12-19 22:58:33

Your work is amazing. I love all the expressions and poses.
Keep it up the great work!

Fungasm responds:

thanks much yo~


2015-12-20 17:25:44

I miss seeing your work during Nata/Tofa (whatever it was called those years.) Make some more animations man! :)

Fungasm responds:

will do <3


2015-12-21 00:20:16

Pretty good I'd say, it's great to hear from you!

Fungasm responds:

good to hear~


2015-12-21 15:47:41

Waiting out a nasty stomach bug but excited for Christmas and eventually seeing Star Wars after having to cancel due to said stomach bug. I love you too!

Fungasm responds:

Just got over that myself actually. The Star Wars hype is real though.


2015-12-21 17:08:34

That stomach bug thing seems to be going around, but it's always going great on Newgrounds! Cool beans man.

How's life? Happy Holidays? Keep up the awesome work man!

Fungasm responds:

Been good~ you too <3 and appreciate it I'll be sure to :)


2015-12-22 01:38:08

I been busy. Life... It's cool.

Fungasm responds:

Last few holiday months tend to be pretty busy yeah~


2016-01-29 15:48:04

remember that 2012 classic War Of The Web? god its popularity's gone downhill