Help me make more cartoons!

2016-02-17 12:07:09 by Fungasm

Recently set up a Patreon!

Hopefully it'll give me a chance to make more fun cartoons for you guys <3

As it stands, I might not be as successful as some of my peers in recent years, but I'll definately become one of the greats- I swear it~

So if you enjoy my work at all, feel free to support me!~

It'll only get better from here <3


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2016-02-17 14:38:05

Whoa playa, I just bit the bullet and made one too! Of course mine is for more nonferrous purposes. But good luck my man! First one to 500 subs buys the first round of drinks, what do you say?

Fungasm responds:

sounds good dude~


2016-02-18 14:19:27

Are you sons of bitches spending that money on booze


2016-02-18 14:21:55

I have always loved your content and skills! Whenever I stop swiming in this pool full of debts I will totally support you on your Patreon man :) I wish you the best


2016-05-25 23:45:18

Ah, you already are one of the greats in my book! You been getting any commission work lately? I keep thinking there's a role for animators in local TV commercials, and it's gone seriously untapped